Like many others, cancer has affected my family's life. My aunt and great aunt are breast cancer survivors, another great aunt is a uterine cancer survivor, and my grandmother died of bile duct cancer. In addition, a great grandfather died of esophageal cancer, a great grandmother of breast cancer, a great uncle of melanoma, another great uncle of intestinal cancer, and finally, my aunt's father passed away from prostate cancer and melanoma.

It's a tradition at my temple, Shir Tikvah, for B'nai Mitzvah students to give back to a cause they choose because it is significant to them. I've chosen to donate to the American Cancer Society in hope of finding a cure for this terrible disease.

I am making beaded bracelets using bead colors that represent many common forms of cancer. All proceeds will be donated to the ACS. Please consider helping to support my cause.

Thank you!
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Starting up!

I'm so excited to have started. I have all my supplies and already have made a bunch of basic bracelets. I will be selling at school, Hebrew School, and other events that will be donating to cancer foundations. Soon I'll figure out when and where these events will be taking place.


  1. Congratulations, Elsa! This is really great. Can't wait til you make your first sale.

  2. What an excellent way to sell your beautiful bracelets, A, B & C...I hope that you make a TON of money for such a worthy and personal cause...much love..XXXXXXX

  3. Elsa!!!! ITs your bff will! it would be awesome to get a color wheel! is it ok if I pay you at school or something?

    love ya like a sista,
    p.s. yes my blog name is JImmy michel michels don't laugh.

  4. Fantastic work! We want to be your first sale. We want 3 of them 2 Design A's and a Design B. This is a wonderful project. Lizzy, Aunt Vicky and I are behind you!

    Love Uncle Jeff.

  5. What a wonderful project. I want to order 4 in design A- Joan

  6. i want to buy design A and C. I will bring you $16 at school tomorrow!
    Mirabela Wells

  7. elsa! could i have design a on sunday or wednesday? i will bring in the $8.
    can't wait! (:
    p.s. mike smith and sara<333 hahahahah!

  8. hey Elsa it's Mirabela Wells again! well my mom needs 3 more...A, B, AND C. But she was wondering if you could make them tonight. and we can get them tomorow (Saterday). Because shes needs them for mothers day. So i was wondering if you could or not. My email is plz email me to tell me if we can meet tomrow (saterday). My mom will drive me to go get the 3 braclets. thank-u